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Royal Seafarer Condominium

In the early hours after the wrath of Hurricane Irma we were blessed to have retained the professional services of RR Restoration.

Ours is a 22-story beachfront condominium community with 129 units on the Gulf of Mexico in Southwest Florida. Once engaged, RR Restoration mobilized its troops and moved into our building as if they were owners and gave us a comfortable feeling at a time when the future was so uncertain.

That was in September 2017 and that comfortable feeling remains a constant source of security. From the executives at RR Restoration to the laborers our residents have been treated with kindness and respect  Hard questions were always answered quickly in a professional manner as RR Restoration worked hand in hand with our management company and our Board of Directors.

I am confident that had we not retained RR Restoration we would still digging ourselves out from under the devastating Hurricane Irma destruction. The Royal Seafarer trusts that RR Restoration will be with us at the finish line.

Thank you, RR Restoration!

Royal Seafarer Condominium Association of Marco Island


The Royal Seafarer project details

LOCATION: Marco Island

STORM: Hurricane Irma

General Contractor: RR Restoration

  • Mitigation

  • Roofing Replacement

  • Cooling Tower Replacement

  • 70 Interior Units Repaired

  • Stucco Replacement

  • Doors & Windows

Affected by a recent disaster?

Leaking roof, mold buildup, wind damage, or any other disaster-related issue?

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